The Pantry

Parton, Whitehaven.

01946 599388​​


Our sevice runs on a pre-order basis.

Simply call, email or message with your orders:
01946 599388
[email protected]

We will then arrange a convenient time for collection/delivery.

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Freshly baked giant scones £1.00
Coffee puffs  £2.00
Gooey double choc brownie £1.75
Chocolate concrete £1.75
Luxury cupcakes starting at £1.25
White choc millionaire £1.75
Australian Crunchie £1.75
Peanut Butter Crunch £1.75
Millionaire Shortbread £1.75
Peppermint crunch £1.75
Shortbread pieces £1.75
Caramac slab £1.75
Flapjack slab £1.75
Minty  bubble £1.75
Pantry Gingerbread (Ginger spiced shortbread topped with shiny white icing) £1.75
Teaser slab £1.75
Gingerbread slab £1.75
Currant slice £1.75
Almond slice £1.75
Cheesecake slice starting at £2.00
Whole cheesecake (Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon Curd, Fruit £15.00
Large Victoria sponge £5.00
Luxury Victoria sponge £6.00
Large lucious lemon/orange drizzle loaf cake £5.00



We are proud to serve locally sourced homemade and all round delicious pies in our hot and cold buffets.

These include the following products which can also be
Steak slab 
Meat and potato slab 
Turkey and ham slab
Individual steak pies
Individual meat and potato pies 
Sausage rolls 
Slab pies can be bought in large trays
Please ask for details.
                   Other savouries
(check 'occasion menus' for more options)
The Pantry quiche slices £2.00
The Pantry whole quiche £18.00 (large)
Large Lasagne tray £16.00
Large chilli con carne £16.00
Large curry £16.00
​Sticky Chicken £16.00
Please check our facebook page to see what other specials we have to offer.
Luxury Celebration Cakes
A perfect addition to any celebration....a delicious sponge laden with an array of chocolates. 
Regular £25
Large £35
2-tier £45

Only 48 hours notice required 
Our popular Taster Trays
These are seriously tasty and very moreish!!
Here are some of our favourites, but please ask for any other chocolatey sensation and we will create it!!
Mars bar cake
Dime derlight
Minty bubble
Twix fix
Flake fancy
Choc orange
Giant button
M and Mmmmmmm
Mini Boost bonanza
Caramel nibble
Small trays £3.50
Full trays (16 slabs) £22.00
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